Guarantee & Delivery

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every new hair extension, be it Amorehair, HairtoGo or Clip-N-Go is backed by a 30-day, unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will replace the extensions free of charge.

Note: This guarantee is a return policy. The hair extensions must be sent back in their original packaging before we can replace the hair extensions together with proof of purchase.

The Amorehair, HairtoGo or Clip-N-Go 30 day guarantee is predicated on only accredited Amorehair, HairtoGo or Clip-N-Go salons undertaking the fitting, and no ‘chemical work’, i.e colour etc being undertaken on the hair extensions.


Provided that the order is received and paid for before 1 pm – Monday to Friday, Amorehair, HairtoGo or Clip-N-Go will endeavour to ensure that delivery is within two business days from the date of dispatch*.

Amorehair would like to be able to guarantee a delivery date to our customers but we are constrained by the performance of our freight company. To ensure that you don’t let your customer down, always allow a minimum of two business days between ordering and receipt of your Amorehair, HairtoGo or Clip-N-Go hair extensions.

HairtoGo 250mL Removal Solution

* When ordering HairtoGo 250mL Removal Solution, please allow up to 7 business days for delivery (depending on location). This item being flammable is a classed as a ‘dangerous good’, therefore it needs to be dispatched via off-peak road express and cannot be dispatched via air.